100% Export Oriented Garments Accessories Manufacturer.

Office : 318, Nowab Sirajdullah Road, Chandanpura, Chitagong, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 031 2856906, 031 2867282, 01711 713349
Email: jans.legend@colbd.com, jans.legend1@gmail.com


Factory : Plot # A/86-87 & A/93-94 BSCIC I/A, Kalurghat, Chitagong, Bangladesh
Phone : +88 031 671735, 031 671795

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Jans Elastica Limited & Legend Printing Limited are the manufacturer of garments and apparels accessories. The Head Office & factory located in 318, Nowab Sirajdulla Road, Chandanpura, Chittagong And Another factory Legend printing Limited is Located in Plot #A 86-87 & A/93-94 BSCIC I/A, Kalurghat, Chittagong Bangladesh.

Jans Elastica Limited & Legend Printing Limited came into being in an honest effort to keep place with ever-increasing need for the finest quality garments accessories in Bangladesh. Our relentless effort in ensuring quality prompt service and competitive price, give us edge over our competitors working in the same industry. We deem ourselves privileged and honored to serve our customer’s need with entire satisfaction.

The Jans Elastica Limited & The Legend Printing Limited run and guided by a highly trained and skilled resourceful professionals. People who are taught & trained to share the vision and values of the company demonstrated high level of commitment to quality & essentially rise to the expected levels of all our customers & clients.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Jacquard Elastic, Plain Elastic, Woven Elastic, Twill Tape, Jacquard Tape, Crocheted Lace, Drawstring, Drawcord, Piping Cord, Mobilon Tape, High Quality Screen Print.

To further the preamble, the following is what the companies boast of as its products:

* All types of Elastic.

* All types of Twill Tapes upto 3 inches.

* All types of Drawstrings.

* All types of Draw Cords./Piping Cord/ Mobilon Tape

* High Quality Screen Print.

Since details of the production line are essential, the following represents the daily capacity of the companies:

* Twill tape production→3,00,000 yards./ per day.

* Elastic production with average size of 1.5 inches→ 5,50,000 yards./per day.

* Have 600 (Six Hundred) Machines for making different types of Drawstring & Drawcords./Piping Cord.

* Single Colour-50,000pcs,Multi Colour-40,000pcs

 It is reminded that above all, we stress on three things in all our shipments:

* Punctuality and On-Time shipment.

* Quality.

* Undying commitment.

Jans Elastica Limited is certified by OEKO-TEX for next one year & TQP (Trim Qualification Program) for next two years & Legend Printing Limited is certified by Walmart Inc. as “GREEN” factory for next Two years & also approved by ALLIANCE FOR BANGLADESH WORKER SAFETY and also nominated by International Brand “CARTER’S” for next two years.